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I first used the LVA lip balm on my trip to the mountains, and I was so impressed! My lips stayed moist in the bitter snow and sun. The texture is perfect. Not too thick, but it stays on so I didn't have to reapply constantly. Highly recommend, it's my new purse essential."

Stacey - Austin, Texas

I really love the consistency of La Vaca tallow products. It is very moisturizing without being greasy. The Fir, Cedarwood Vetiver is my favorite scent, but all of the natural scents are subtle 

and great."

Rebekah - Austin, Texas

Since using La Vaca tallow balm, I've discovered it has so many uses. After applying it to my face at night I awake with a dewy complexion. After my son's Tball game I decided to try it on my sunburned shoulders and the relief was instant. This balm goes a long way so one jar will last you quite while. I really like the frankincense scent especially in the evening before bed. I've purchased a few extra because they've made the perfect gift for family and friends."

Katherine - Houston, Texas

I have tried so many different moisturizers over time. This is the first one that actually feel like it is delivering results. I feel super hydrated after using it. It smells great and sinks into my skin. It is also amazing on dry elbows or anywhere else really. It takes very little product and goes a long way. I love it."

Beth - Austin, Texas

It really is like no other moisturizer. I can definitely tell a difference in my skin since I started using this. I also love that I can use it for so many things - It's amazing."

Cameron - Dripping Springs, Texas

I'm a big fan of this product and wear it daily! It lasts throughout the day and is not greasy on my skin like other products I have used. The Balsam Fir scent is my favorite!"

Andrew - Wilmington, North Carolina

My skin is extremely dry so I need a product that's going to moisturize and keep my skin soft and hydrated. LVA does that and my makeup glides on and my face stays looking hydrated all day. I also love to smell the essenttial oils throughout the day. LVA is also fantastic for my rough elbows or as a light hand salve that doesn't leave me greasy."

Kim - Austin, Texas

I have very sensitive skin and even some products designed for sensitive skin make mine react.

La Vaca Apothecary Tallow Balm has become my new obsession. I use it on everything...face, hands, as lip balm, you name it. My skin can't get enough."

Margaux - Austin, Texas

Elizabeth is a longtime dear friend and I am so excited she is starting La Vaca Apothecary. I have eagerly followed along as she has perfected her homemade tallow balm. I've been using the balm for the last few months and absolutely LOVE it! it is truly amazing an makes my skin glow. I use it on my hands, elbows, on my kids, literally all over and have never felt so soft. It is truly a jar of heaven. I have reordered several times so I can give to friends and family-and they are obsessed too! The scents are subtle and yummy - my favorite is is the Frankincense, Sweet Orange and Rosemary. I put the lip balm on at night - a little goes a long way. I wake up with the softest lips!"

Samantha - Austin, Texas

In a world filled with chemicals, it's nice to find a clean product like La Vaca tallow that smells and feels good. Worked well on dry skin and chapped feet."

Willie - Stuart, Florida

My favorite part of La Vaca Apothecary's tallow is the smell. Their lavender scent is delightful! I especially enjoy rubbing it in between my toes as an evening unwind. Highly recommend!"

Barbara - Fort Worth, Texas

I am in love with the La Vaca Wagyu Tallow skincare cream. Spending over half my year in NM, I've struggled to find products that make my skin feel moisturized and nourished, at least until now. Even with the dry conditions, and running our heater all winter, this product helped my skin to remain dewy, soft, and hydrated...a real first. A little goes a long way, and the jar has lasted longer than expected. I use it on my face, body, and recently found it very helpful on a trip to Sicily when I gorged on pasta and developed a gluten allergy resulting in mild eczema (ha! but seriously). The frankincense and orange scent is lovely, but in no way overpowering. I'll be using this as part of my skincare routine moving forward. Highly recommended!"

Shelby - Albuquerque, New Mexico

This balm is magic! My skin was in a rough shape from a month long travel and a  renovation, but just a week of use and my skin feels restored. I tried everything and really nothing beats tallow at moisturizing and calming my skin." 

Jihae - Los Angeles, California

These are truly phenomenal, beautifully crafted products. I didn’t know much about tallow before, but now feel like I’m in on a secret just before it takes off. I have really sensitive skin and I’ve used the tallow on my face and body daily for nearly a month. Its helped to deeply moisturize and balance my skin, reducing redness, evening my skin tone, and just making me feel great and hydrated. 

The essential oils and scents elevate the tallow even further and turn my daily routine into a luxurious, daily ritual. I absolutely love the frankincense, orange and rosemary and the lavender. I’ve decided these are my go to gift from now on, and my friends are now hooked too. 

I have to also give the lip salve a shout out. I had a spring cold and they brought my dehydrated lips back to life, and are also just nice for daily moisture. 

I’m a true believer in these products and am inspired by all the love Elizabeth puts into each La Vaca bottle." 

Anna - Brooklyn, New York

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