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Elizabeth Brenner discovered the amazing properties of tallow when she was looking for an alternative to her own skincare products. Coming from a multi-generational ranching family, she had to look no further than her own family ranch, Brenner Cattle Co. for the organic, nutrient-rich fat needed to make one of the world's best tallows. Sourcing earth-friendly ingredients such as organic mango butter and therapeutic-grade essential oils, she set about to create a tallow-based moisturizer that was powerfully hydrating, luxurious, long-lasting, all natural and free of chemicals.  

Founder, Elizabeth Brenner


La Vaca Apothecary products are made from premium Wagyu tallow from Brenner Cattle Company’s 100% Full Blood Wagyu herd, based

in Austin, Texas. Our founder, Elizabeth Brenner has always been interested in pure products free of parabens, preservatives and other synthetics that are hidden in many of the beauty products on the market. 

 After looking into ways to minimize waste, Elizabeth was excited to learn about the incredible and numerous benefits of the centuries old tradition of using tallow has a skin care product. La Vaca Apothecary renders and purifies our Wagyu tallow several times to create a beautiful white and odorless product. We use only the highest quality ingredients, such as ethically and locally sourced Mango Butter from

a sustainable co-op in India and the highest-grade essential oils. 

At La Vaca, we believe there is a better way to care for ourselves.

Our products are personally handmade in small batches in Austin with love and care by Elizabeth. We love our products and know you will too!


From left to right:  Husband Luke Brenner,  her two children, full-blooded Wagyu cattle, bringing hay to the ranch.

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